what is Pardot Salesforce – Type and Features

Pardot is a B2B marketing tool/software provided by Salesforce.com. With the help of this, you can track the activities of Prospects, existing Customers, and can take action based on their engagement with your marketing activity/campaign.

Pardot Editions

Pardot comes in four flavors and we can adapt it based on our business requirements. Every edition has its own feature and respective pricing defined by Salesforce.com.

  1. Growth Edition
  2. Plus Edition
  3. Advanced Edition
  4. Premium Edition

Features of Pardot

  • Visitor Tracking – If you wanted to track who is on your website and how much time they are spending on your product/services pages then the visitor tracking feature will help you to give a complete insight.
  • Real-Time Sales Alerts – Pardot automation feature gives the facility to notify the Sales Person/Team whenever any interest is shown by Prospects/Customers in your business.
  • Scoring & Grading – The scoring feature is helpful for analyzing prospect’s activities for your business and the Grading feature is helpful in analyzing the right person for your business.
  • Automated Assignment – Looking at the scoring and grading of the prospects/customers you can automatically route them to the correct Sales Person/Team.
  • Nurturing – It’s a process of engaging prospects/customers and making them ready to buy. Pardot gives the feature to make it automatically using Engagement Studio, AutoResponders, and other helping features.
  • Forms & Landing Pages – These will help us to generate prospects from marketing campaigns, you can build pages and forms using your own branding and style and use them in any marketing campaign/activity.
  • Progressive Profiling – This feature will help you to design a compact prospect generation form by asking only required info in the first place and based on the provided info/data we can show up other input to fill in rather than creating a form that has a lot more information to fill.
  • Dynamic Content – You can utilize this feature to send personalized emails to your prospects/customers.
  • Email Marketing – Sending emails using various templates, automation, responding rules and you can also do A/B testing, SPAM analysis, reporting, etc.
  • Closed-Loop Reporting – This is something where you can calculate ROI against each individual prospect/deal.
  • Connectors – These are great features to connect with different channels as per business needs, some types of connectors are mentioned below.
    1. Webinar Connectors (Webex, ReadyTalk, GoToWebinar)
    2. Social Media Connectors (AddThis)
    3. Event Connectors (Eventbrite)
    4. Video Connectors (Wistia)
    5. Social Posting Connectors (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    6. Other Connectors (Google Ads, Google Analytics, Twilio, Bitly, Olark, UserVoice)
  • Keyword Analysis – This something helpful in SEO for your website, marketing activity, you can figure out the google/bing/yahoo ranking of particular keywords.
  • Competitor Analysis – This will give you a brief overview of your competitor’s website analysis like Alexa Rank, Page Authority, Domain Authority, etc.

If you want to know more about Pardot & Salesforce, contact us here and do write to us at sales@cccinfotech.com, our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Note – Pardot features/pricing are subject to change/ownership by Salesforce.com, blog author has given thoughts based on their experience in execution and implementation.

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