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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Implementation

Revamp manufacturing efficiency with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Real-time insights, accurate forecasts, seamless collaboration for growth.


A manufacturing organization where the sales team & operation team does Annual Operation Planning for next 3 years.



Organization using excel spreadsheet to manage the AOP (Annual Operation Plan) and 3 year rolling forecast for its run rate business and there was a collaboration issue among different Roles to share the updates and get the complete details.


Our Salesforce implementation streamlined sales agreement lifecycles, configured date ranges, empowered sales and operations with order details, enabled account-based forecasting, enhanced product uploads, automated updates, and improved sales reporting.

We Saw

The strategic investment in Magento eCommerce led to a 40% sales surge and expanded audience reach. Enhanced product management, coupled with backend integration, empowered growth through B2C exposure.


Our Consultant team worked very closely with customers and with their problem statement and validate the pain points in the current system, start thinking about solution by taking their input and they inspired our team to think through it to deliver the right product and services


CloudCentric team got an excellent team who are highly technical and and having problem solving analytic skills set, Processes are very streamline and we are extremely happy with their services.


Implementation Process

Requirement Analysis

In-depth discussions to understand manufacturing processes, sales dynamics, and areas needing optimization.

Custom Configuration

Tailoring Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud to align with the company's unique workflows and data structure.

Data Integration

Seamlessly connecting Manufacturing Cloud with existing ERP, CRM, and supply chain systems for unified data.

Forecasting Enhancement

Implementing advanced demand forecasting tools and predictive analytics to improve accuracy.

Forecasting Enhancement

Enabling real-time communication and collaboration between sales, production, and supply chain teams.


  1. Enhanced Visibility

    Real-time insights into production schedules, demand trends, and inventory levels improved decision-making

  1. Accurate Forecasting

    Demand forecasting accuracy increased by 25%, reducing excess inventory and stockouts.

  1. Efficient Coordination

    Seamless communication between sales and production teams minimized delays and improved customer satisfaction.

  1. Performance Optimization

    Advanced analytics led to a 20% reduction in production lead times and enhanced resource allocation.


The Salesforce Health Cloud implementation by CloudCentric Infotech empowered the healthcare provider to deliver better patient care, optimize operations, and foster a patient-centric approach across all facilities.

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