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Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Elevate patient care with Salesforce Health Cloud. Tailored implementations for personalized experiences and efficient workflows.


Our non-profit health system delivers mental health and substance use disorder treatments nationwide through telehealth and inpatient facilities. We specialize in military, therapeutic, foster care, children's services, and employee assistance programs. Our research institute leverages technology and best practices. Our foundation secures philanthropic resources to transform lives through care.



The customer has its own native application with limited features and less user interactive , time consuming, and with less features available related health cloud application. An enchantment is also very complex and time consuming at the same time, reporting was also very complex to built.


We successfully deployed Salesforce's "Health Cloud," providing a comprehensive and standardized health management experience for our clients.

We Saw

Users are saving lot of their time while making an Appointment for the patients, Searching Practitioners, Rescheduling, Linking Insurances etc.,able to provide best services to their Patients


Our Consultant team worked very closely with customers and with their problem statement and validate the pain points in the current system, start thinking about solution by taking their input and they inspired our team to think through it to deliver the right product and services


CloudCentric Infotech got an excellent teams of consultants who derived the complete end to end solutioning for Product, CloudCentric processes are very streamlined in terms of communication, documentation and commitments. We are satisfied and happy with the provided services by our teams


Implementation Process

Needs Assessment

We analyze your healthcare organization's requirements, identifying areas where Health Cloud can optimize patient care and operations.

Customization Strategy

We design a tailored plan, outlining how Health Cloud modules and features will align with your workflows.

Data Migration

Securely transfer patient data from legacy systems to Health Cloud, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Configuration & Strategy

Configure Health Cloud to match workflows, seamlessly integrating with EMR/EHR systems and other tools.

Configuration & Strategy

We provide thorough training, rigorous testing, and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption and continuous system enhancement.


  1. Enhanced Care Coordination

    Health Cloud's unified platform improved care coordination across departments, leading to workflows and reduced duplication.

  1. Improved Patient Engagement

    Patient profiles and customizable communication templates facilitated personalized patient interactions, boosting engagement.

  1. Data-Driven Decisions

    Real-time patient data access empowered medical professionals to make informed decisions and provide proactive care.

  1. Efficient Operations

    Health Cloud's automation and reporting capabilities reduced administrative burdens and improved overall operational efficiency.

  1. Positive Patient Experience

    Patients experienced improved communication, quick access to information, and a more seamless healthcare journey.


The Salesforce Health Cloud implementation by CloudCentric Infotech empowered the healthcare provider to deliver better patient care, optimize operations, and foster a patient-centric approach across all facilities.

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